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Why Kilimanjaro Krafts

Kilimanjaro Krafts is more than just another online store.We are a social enterprise that invests in projects to improve the lives of refugees and some of the most disadvantaged groups in Africa. For many, this is a lifeline to future hope.

Our dedicated entrepreneurial team members, many of whom are volunteers, work with skilled artisans in Africa to bring our products to you. Besides generating an income for craftsmen and women, we also donate 50% of our profits to worthy developmental projects in Africa. 

Who Are We?

Kilimanjaro Krafts is an Australia-based company that collaborates with African artisans, dedicated volunteers, entrepreneurial team members, professional website developers and experienced business men and women. All of them share Kilimanjaro Krafts’ vision and values.

What we sell:

Kilimanjaro Krafts stocks a wide range of high-quality African clothing for men and women. We also have African-themed jewelry, shoes, belts, handbags, purses and other stylish accessories. We always make an effort to keep you updated on the latest fashion trends and ensure that our products remain relevant to today’s fashion and their African origins. By combining African fabrics, beads and embroidery, you can keep up with Western design, while remaining fashionable and timely.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to make people smile.

Our Projects

    • A hand up for Kilimanjaro Krafts suppliers
    • Access to Education
    • Reducing Infant Mortality Rates in Burundi and DR Congo
    • Access to Recreational Activities in Nyarugus Refugee Camp
    • Human Rights

    What do we stand for?

    • Kilimanjaro Krafts offers products for a diverse range of people.

    The products we offer suit both African and non-African people from all walks of life, and we have collections for all occasions.

    Affordable prices:

    Kilimanjaro Krafts keep its prices fairly low because of the participation of dedicated team members who invest their time and energy in our company. Their passion is to contribute to a cause that dedicates half of its profits to support Africans. This also helps us build a large customer base rather than targeting a small market.

    Ethics and high-quality standards:

    The reason for employing skilled craftsmen and women is to provide high-quality products. The prices do not affect the quality of our products because that Kilimanjaro Krafts is the only outlet for the products made by its highly skilled and creative artisans. They are focused on their field work, and we constantly monitor them to ensure quality and to enhance their technique.

    Customer Service excellence:

    Kilimanjaro Krafts makes it easy for you to contact us. We typically respond to all inquiries within a few hours. Click on Customer Care to learn more.

    • We are enthusiastic about providing an outlet where African artisans can sell their crafts work.

    We always try to generate income for our valued craftsmen and women. Most of them live in conflict zones and have scant employment opportunities. They rely on us to earn a living. We pay them a fair price and contribute to the eradication of poverty in Africa.

    • We donate 50 percent of our total profits to worthwhile causes we are passionate about

    With this donation, we support initiatives that educate and empower young people living in harsh and hostile conditions in Africa. The initiatives also assist refugee children to attend schools and provide tuition for cultural activities such as music and recreational activities such as sports. We are also supporting a project that aims to reduce infant mortality in Burundi and the DR Congo.

    • We take permission from our clients and send them updates via email without flooding their inbox

    We update our clients about the new stock by sending them updates. These can include pictures of new items, information, details on special offers and even the news and photos of the beneficiaries of our financial donations.

    We ask for your consent to add you to our mailing list, but you can easily unsubscribe to our emails at any time. For more information, click on our Privacy Policy.

    • We value customer feedback on the shopping experience at Kilimanjaro Krafts

    We believe your feedback can help us in maintain and improve the services we offer. That’s why we encourage our customers to write reviews about our products. You can submit one by clicking on the Reviews section.

     About Pemba Amuri

    Watch Pemba's story here

    Pemba Amuri, founder of Kilimanjaro Krafts (KJK) is a social entrepreneur passionate about community transformation in both Africa and Australia, where he now resides. Wherever there is need, wherever there is injustice, you will find both Pemba’s heart and talents.

    Growing up in a refugee camp in Tanzania from the age of nine, Pemba knows firsthand about the disappointments and loss of dreams that can come from having to flee your home for safety. Yet Pemba was blessed to find hope and love in a desperate place. When he was twenty, a whole childhood gone with only basic village schooling, Pemba received a UNHCR scholarship allowing him to study Town Planning at a university in Tanzania.

    “For the first time, I could see myself in my future.”

    However, there was something else even more important Pemba took away from the refugee camp in Tanzania – and that was a big heart to share even the little he had, and to make his world better.

    Soon after receiving his degree, Pemba decided to use his education to give back to the country he had fled from. He founded a youth movement in the Congo, still ravaged by internal conflicts and overrun by militia groups. Using music and sports as a platform to bring people together in peace, the movement started with a handful of musicians, and soon grew to over 350 young people, and they realized its potential to influence democratic change in the Congo. Why should one of the richest countries in the world suffer so much conflict and poverty?

    For the second time, Pemba found himself experiencing the life of a refugee as he again fled trouble in the Congo, and in 2016 arrived in Australia. Within a matter of months, he had begun work with a dedicated advocacy organisation, campaigning for more humane policies for people seeking asylum and adding the voice of his lived experience and heartfelt empathy.

    A big part of Pemba’s heart will always remain under the African Sky, dedicated to the improvement of peoples’ lives, particularly refugees. His passion for positive change has now brought together communities in both Australia and Africa. Kilimanjaro Kraft (KJK) is just the beginning of the dream, dreamt by a young boy in a refugee camp, to spread hope to others. But it can’t happen without your support.



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